Digital Transfer Services

Make a statement without saying a word.

Unlike other digital transfer serves we process everything in house using top of the line equipment.


What We Transfer


8mm & super 8mm films, VHS, VHC, film negatives and other formats.


True Frame-By-Frame Transfer


Your film is captured frame-by-frame as each frame passes through a projector with an enlarged gate with a specialized LED light source in front of a half-inch 3CCD progressive scan camera.


The enlarged gate allows us to capture the entirety of the frame. As each frame passes through the projection gate, a picture is taken. These individual frames are put into specialized software that converts the frames into a movie, resulting in a solid, smooth, flicker-free capture. This process produces a higher-quality transfer and you will not lose anything from your original film.


Your Film is Cleaned and Lubricated


Each reel is individually cleaned and lubricated with Edwal Anti Static Film Cleaner. The film passes under a microfiber cloth that removes dust and debris that may have built up over the years. This helps keep the film hydrated and pliable while also filling in small scratches and giving the film a light protective coating.  It makes your movies cleaner and brighter!


During this process, we inspect the film, add leader if necessary, and repair tears or bad splices. Also, at no extra cost we will combine up to 8 small 50ft reels together onto one large 400ft archival reel(s) for more compact and safe storage.


8mm films - $0.50 per foot


Super 8mm films - $0.50 per foot


VHS Tapes - $19.99 per tapes


VHC Tapes - $19.99 per tapes


Photo Negatives - $0.35 per negative (minimum of 20)


Photography Slides - $0.35 per slide (minimum of 20)


Extra DVD/CD  - $14.99 per DVD


Thumb Drive - $19.99 per drive

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