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Our Mission


Big Fish Multimedia is dedicated to documenting and preserving the experience of competing in pageants.


We’re a team of seasoned professional photographers and filmmakers with extensive experience in photojournalism, advertising, and sports.


The pageant experience provides young women with a weekend for personal growth in an exciting and glamorous environment.


Our focus is to help contestants relive and share the excitement of that most memorable weekend with family and friends. And to produce photography that showcases the pageant experience for future contestants.


Our team uses the top tier Pentax k1 cameras.  These ruggedized cameras are ubiquitous in Olympic/NFL/NBA/NHL photography and are designed for extra fast focusing with larger batteries and an advanced contrast detection focusing system. This equipment produces a much large number of “keepers” under challenging circumstances.


More significantly, we’ve also developed a unique “back end” methodology for handling large amounts of photographs.  This helps us to meet contestant’s demands for the timely delivery.


In an era of social media sharing, we believe it’s vital for the continuing health of any pageant to have outstanding photographs available.  Photography that accentuates contestant’s memories of their pageant experience and showcases those experiences on-line..


We are  certain that our consistency and quality is the best in the small pageant market.


We offer -


Photography/ Video Production (live streaming using a 9 camera setup)

Sound & light services

Print services

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